Successful Completion of the Webinar Titled “On the Permutation of Columns/Rows of Random Sparse Matrices to Discover Nonzero Patterns”

November 15, 2020

The Computer Society Student Branch Chapter (IEEE CS SBC GUB) organized a successful webinar titled “On the permutation of columns/rows of random sparse matrices to discover nonzero patterns” on Saturday, 14 November 2020 at 12:00 PM. The Keynote Speaker of the webinar was Dr. Sardar Anisul Haque Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department Alcorn State University, USA. He achieved his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, Canada in 2014. He has an MSc and a BSc degree in computer science from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, and the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh respectively. He has been working as an assistant professor in computer science at Alcorn State University (ASU) since 2018. Before joining ASU, he worked as an assistant professor in computer science at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia (2017-18), and as a lecturer in computer science at IUT (2002-2004). He is one of the main contributors to the CUMODP library, which is publicly available at A part of this library was added in MAPLE 18. He worked for a number of companies in Canada as a full-stack senior software developer, and computer scientist. He contributed in the development of IRAZU (owned by Geomechanica Inc.), licensed software for 3D simulation of rock fracture. His research interest is in high-performance computing, GPU programming, and Algorithms for NP-hard problems.

In this webinar,  Prof. Dr.Zahidul Islam and Dr. Muhammad Aminur Rahaman, Assistant Professor, Green University of Bangladesh have attended the program as Session Moderator. Prof. Dr. Zahidul Islam welcomed the keynote speaker, all respected audience with his welcome speeches in the first part of the program.
The keynote speaker,  Dr. Sardar Anisul Haque started his speech by thanking the  Computer Society Student Branch Chapter (IEEE CS SBC GUB) and the department of CSE, Green University of Bangladesh for making this webinar possible. Some of the key parts of his session are denoted below:

  • He discussed a linear time algorithm for permuting a sparse matrix so that we can find some non-zero groups in it.
  • He showed that this problem statement is the same as the sorting of big integers, where each integer is represented by a few 1s.
  • Finally, He explained some applications of it other than sparse matrix-vector multiplication.

After his session, a fruitful question/answer session was arranged for the audience of the webinar. The keynote speaker, Dr. Sardar Anisul Haque answered all the questions of the participants.

All the respected faculty members, respected professors from different universities, and students of the CSE department were present in the glorious event. This information seems very helpful for the students as well as the faculty members to understated the application of this topic and doing some research on this topic as well.

At end of the program Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque thanked the keynote speaker and the audience for giving their valuable time.

Finally, he also thanked the organizing team of this session, the Computer Society Student Branch Chapter (IEEE CS SBC GUB), and concluded the program.